Elaphiti Islands

A pleasant cruise to the Elaphiti Islands stretching west from Dubrovnik is the perfect choice for a daily excursion. The Elaphiti Islands are made up of: Koločep, Lopud, Šipan and a few others. The islands are abundant in subtropical vegetation of laurel, pine, cypress and olive trees, thyme and rosemary. The name comes from the old Greek legend, claiming that they used to hunt deer on the islands. Nowadays, you can enjoy exploring picturesque villages and stunning nature which is simply breathtaking.


This island is inhabited with two different settlements, connected by a path, surrounded by beautiful tall trees. There are plenty of hidden coves and caves, making Kolocep an ideal place to enjoy the Mediterranean fragrances and the crystal blue sea.


This island is probably the most beautiful and contains the very famous sandy beach, Šunj. Enjoy the island by taking a swim or visit one of the many restaurants for a gorgeous lunch with a beautiful view.


Šipan is the largest island of the group and contains many historical artifacts. Based on this, scientists have discovered that it was first inhabited during the time of Roman Empire. Ancient villas and churches fill the island.

Custom Tours: Panorama Cruise

Join the panoramic boat ride for a magnificent view over the city with Lokrum Island and the Elaphiti Islands in the distance. Developing its merchant fleet activities all over the Mediterranean and further on, Dubrovnik rose to one of the strongest merchant navies during the 16th century. On this one hour cruise, you will be able to experience the city walls from a whole new perspective.

Custom Tours: Island of Mljet

The island of Mljet is almost secluded, as it is one of the toughest islands to reach. However, it excusively allows it to be seemingly untouched with its abundance of nature and rich heritage. Containing architecture from the 12th century, Mljet is famous for its rich topography, filled with ancient villages and National park, what will give you an unforgettable experience that you will always remember.